home plugs in detached house - sync needed?

  pookie 29 Sep 12


Windows 7 home edition. I have home plugs at router, one to my pc and one to daughter's pc all various seperate ethernet cables. Even though they all connected and worked straight out of the box I did try and sync them all as manual said it gives added security but they didn't all connect so I reset to factory default. However, if I am in a detached house and only family members have the home plugs do I need to sync them?


  lotvic 29 Sep 12

This info in Solarwise forum answers most of your questions. It seems the only building remotely able to would be 2 houses down on same electric phase and got same Homeplugs as you and the signal was able to overcome the induction of 3 consumer boxes, distance degradation, etc etc...

I did pair my Homeplugs, but not on purpose :) I thought that was what you had to do. It just means that no other Homeplugs can join in unless they also have been paired with you first one. (It's a bit like when you use the Wireless WPS button on a router to connect a printer that also has a WPS button so you don't need to enter any details)

  pookie 30 Sep 12

thanks for these replies - it seems pretty safe then and a lot safer than wireless

  lotvic 30 Sep 12

I agree, safer and faster connection than wireless. Also handily portable I have one plug that 'travels' round the house, just plug it in, in whichever room I've gone to with my netbook.


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