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  ordep 09:11 13 Feb 10

Any body use these. I've got SkySat & a Humax box and would like to set up BBC iPlayer, or would it be better to get an extended Ethernet cable. (Computer & TV in separate rooms.)
Seems to be a big variation in price of these things to.

  Pineman100 10:33 13 Feb 10

An ethernet cable is going to be significantly cheaper than a powerline setup. I'm not sure about data speeds, but I can't believe that the powerline route would be faster than ethernet.

  swiss$tony 10:42 13 Feb 10

I had a big with a wireless signal, router upstairs laptops othend of house downstairs, i bought a pair of thesePowerline 200M off ebay and hey presto no more probs. I also connected toa wii, not specifically for iplayer, but found it was available and it works a treat. You have to buy a pair and the cables were not long enough for the locations I used them in but I got some longerones from work. Prices do seem to vary I paid £40 off ebay same thing in Maplins was £75ish. I will definately get some more

Hope this helps

  swiss$tony 10:43 13 Feb 10

Sorry should have started I hahad a big problem........... it's an age thing

  ordep 10:58 13 Feb 10

Thanks for your replies.
I think I'm going the cable route, basically its a lot cheaper that way and as stated should get a good reception.

  Pineman100 12:46 14 Feb 10

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  wjrt 13:19 14 Feb 10

much cheaper
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