Home page Hijacked

  bpzoom 09:30 25 Jun 07

Computer at work XP SP2 and IE6. Something is hijacking the Home page, normally Orange, and substituting others , particularly one called click here. I have tried to delete these from registry using their names i.e gopher, and in addition, in IE Tools/internet options /privacy/settings I have blocked these sites. They appear to have the ability to unblock themselves and reappear. This is interfering with work as the invading home pages appear in the middle of transactions. Any help on how to remove this pest or block will be appreciated.

  birdface 09:52 25 Jun 07

I don't know what Anti-Virus or Spyware programs that you have,But I would up-date them and run them in safe mode,A Squared is a good program for getting rid of Spyware-Malware and might be worth trying.

  birdface 09:58 25 Jun 07

Hi,I Googled Hijacked home page.There were a lot of helpful programs on there but there were also a few that I was warned not to open,So you may be better relying on someone giving you the right advice.

  bpzoom 10:16 25 Jun 07

Thanks, I run EZ Anti virus from CA Associates, the free Adaware prog. and the free Spybot. Apart from that there is the usual XP firewall, Spam Blocker and the other maintenance tool is the free CCleaner. I am just looking at the Ashampoo that came with June PC Advisor DVD.

  p;3 11:44 25 Jun 07

try running superantispyware on a full deep scan

click here
and a squared
click here

  ambra4 11:59 25 Jun 07

Try this program it free, a squared HIjack

click here

  bpzoom 15:02 25 Jun 07

Thank you, I will try these on Thursday when next in work. Very helpful of you.

  p;3 20:21 25 Jun 07

if all else fails suggrst you
register with

click here

grab a log from

click here

and post it as a new thread
click here

but be aware of

click here

hope you do get thoroughly cleaned ::))

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