Home page hi-jacking

  DRiM 13:55 28 Jan 04

I know lots of other people have got this problem, I have installed Spybot S & D, AVG from Grisoft and Spyware Blaster, but I still cannot get rid of the link to click here.

Even after running them all, and changing my home page in the options folder, it just goes back again next time.

Does anybody have a solution?


  xania 14:06 28 Jan 04

It sounds to me that you've somehow loaded a program which runs at bootup to acheive this. Take a look at what your system is running by running msconfig. If there's anything loading that you don't recognise, unclick it to stop it loading and see what happens. You'll need to experiment to find the culprit, and then just delete the program.

  Lionheart ? 14:10 28 Jan 04

Try this click here

  PA28 14:10 28 Jan 04

In view of your comment and problems, I'm really not sure if it's a good idea to try your link!!

  xania 14:13 28 Jan 04

As I read the original problem, the tied software is not the culprit, but it has failed to find what is. If I'm right about what is actuially happening, I doubt that any other software solution will work either, but I doubt it would do any harm.

  xania 14:14 28 Jan 04

sorry -that should be 'tried software'. I just can't type any more!!

  mgmcc 14:22 28 Jan 04

I seem to think that SpyBot's feature to block bad downloads for Internet Explorer prevents the homepage from being hijacked or changed.

However, if this was enabled AFTER the page had already been hijacked, it might then prevent you from removing the "bad" homepage.

Try uninstalling the Bad Download Blocker, run a full SpyBot scan to see if it then removes the hijacked page and then reinstall the Blocker.

  DRiM 14:32 28 Jan 04

What's the Bad Download Blocker? Where is it?


  byfordr 14:41 28 Jan 04

I think he means remove Spyware Blaster or what ever prevents spyware being installed. Clean your computer using Spy Bot or Adaware, then put Spyware Blaster back on when your systems clean.
Start Page Guard also help to stop nasties getting on

  Chris the Ancient 14:41 28 Jan 04

Go to...

click here

And load Start Page Guard. That removes the hijack and will cure any future ones


  DRiM 14:54 28 Jan 04

Thanks Chris the Ancient, but I must be thicker than I thought. I went to the link but can't find any mention of Start Page Guard.


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