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  Rob 66 04 May 12

hi can any 1 help me plz my home page is set to natwest and id like to remove it but it wont let me.tried the tool ect but just keeps goin back to natwest any help plz thanks rob

  buteman 04 May 12

If I/E.Tools.Internet Options.General .remove natwest from the box.Type in the address you want .then press apply.

See if that works.

  Rob 66 04 May 12

done that no good

  rdave13 04 May 12

Do you have a security program that 'protects' you home page?

  Rob 66 04 May 12

not that i no dave this only happened the other week. also cant change it tho internet options either i think it miight be spyware or malware but like iv said iv tried the useual things

  rdave13 04 May 12

Download the free version of Malwarebytes and don't try the pro trial unless you wish to pay at a later date. Update it and run a full scan. Delete all it finds. Try a reboot to see if you can change your home page.

If that cures it download the free version of SuperAntiSpyware and update it and run a full scan to clear up cookies and any other missed bugs. Now you can now protect your homepage with SAS. Both these programs are very good and you will need to update them manually if you still wish to use the free versions. Worth keeping on the PC anyway.

  john bunyan 04 May 12

I fully agree with rdave13

  Woolwell 04 May 12

Are you sure that it is the Natwest site and not a phishing site?

  buteman 04 May 12

There is a few programs where you can safeguard your Home page.I think both SpywareBlaster and Spybot lets you do that so that no one can change your home page.

There must be other programs that do the same.


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