Home Office sanctions

  grumps2001uk 11:34 24 May 03

Do PCAs know they can already intercept our land mail as do INLAND REVENUE i dont where this should go F/E?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:55 24 May 03

If you are doing nothing wrong you will have no worries. Anyone has the option to emigrate if they find this Orwellian.


  grumps2001uk 13:05 24 May 03

the question being!: would you like someone else to read something that is between you and girlfriend/boyfriend. You are intitled to privacy.

  wee eddie 18:32 24 May 03

How about HM Customs and Excise.

At the present, all the others have to get permission.

  Belatucadrus 18:37 24 May 03

Am I the only one or has GANDALF <|:-)>s e-mail envelope undergone some strange mutation, I'm looking at "email to GANDALF <|:-)>" src="discuss/images/mailto.gif" width=14 border=0>" ? All the others look OK.

  Djohn 18:39 24 May 03

Looks normal from this end, but you never know with GANDALF <|:-)> :o)

  bab5 18:39 24 May 03


yep it has on this thread, perhaps it's been opened by the "INLAND REVENUE " with a kettle ;-)


  jeez 18:43 24 May 03

just encrypt the e-mail, although if they ask for the encryption key, say you forgot it!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:56 24 May 03

Anyone who thinks that the Government is going to spend oodles on getting junior spooks to open up everyones' mail and reference it on a card index is totally doolally tap and should give up reading Ludlum, LeCarre et al., whilst booking into the Psychiatrist pronto.

HMG will only look at people who are acting a bit odd and in any case they have neither the manpower or time to stick their beeks into all communications of which there are squillions per day. What people blithely forget is that they have the right to look at correspondence which is totally different from opening all correspondence.

Personally I think our security is much more important than people being worried that their billets-doux are being gloated over. If it means safety in this country they can look at any of my dull mailings. interminable phone calls and shocking bank accounts. Still triple Meh! on this one.


  jeez 20:45 24 May 03

here here gandalf!

  graham√ 21:08 24 May 03

Don't think it's a secret, but security organisations now have powerful tools which can monitor all voice and data transmissions for 'Key Words'. So if, for example, the word 'terrorist' occurred frequently on your phone or emails, they would prick up their ears. And rightly so.

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