home networking

  harps1h 21:07 15 Sep 05

i want to set up a home network for 2 computers. the builder suggested that to put a telephone point in the room where this computer will be placed would be a waste. he then suggested that i put the router at the telephone point in the hall and run the 2 computers from that using wireless networking. i want to use wireless but i am unsure that this is an appropriate solution. can anyone verify that this is a good solution and if not what way would you suggest that i could do it


  scotty 23:25 15 Sep 05

It is probably OK as long as the distance between the router and the computers is not too great (or has too many obstacles in the way).

You will probably need a pc wired to the router to set it up initially, Once set up you can run wirelessly.

  Taff36 10:29 18 Sep 05

click here will do it. Read this thread regarding wireless signals. click here

  Taff36 10:37 18 Sep 05

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