home network/broadband

  I-W 12:46 13 Oct 03

I currently looking for a broadband connection which supports networking at home, but only findding 1 (bt)does anyone know of any others?

  Al94 12:51 13 Oct 03

As far as I know, they all do. I use a wireless home network and ISP is Nildram.

Go to this site for info click here

  mdshamilton 13:00 13 Oct 03

I believe that Telewest is introducing home networking packages. What cable area are you in I-W?

  I-W 13:27 13 Oct 03

Im on the isle of wight, cable aint got this far yet. Bit behimd the times. we may be getting isle of wight cable but thats a long way off

  I-W 13:28 13 Oct 03

I know aol dont support networking. they're thinking about it.

  vinnyo123 17:19 13 Oct 03

If you get the ISP into your house you are free to do what you want (network) as many PC"s as you want .........ETC.ROUTER ,modem ,hub,switches....

heard about AOL but can't beleive there has to be a way to use AOL with a network!!!!!!!

  byfordr 18:01 13 Oct 03

As far as I know you can network with ANY isp. Ie the connection comes into your home, then assuming you have some sort of router (hub, switch etc) setup then you access from any pc connected to the network. What I think a lot of isps state is that they don't SUPPORT it. It doesn't mean that you can't do it. It just means that they won't provide any support.

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