Is home network safer as opposed to public

  nissanalmera 16:21 PM 18 Sep 12

Wireless laptop set up to home network,supposed to be hidden,but I can see other computers along side mine.Is this a danger if I am supposed to be hidden? Thanks

  onthelimit1 16:52 PM 18 Sep 12

'I can see other computers along side mine.'

Not quite sure what you mean - where are you 'seeing' these other computers? Do you mean other wireless networks?

  onthelimit1 16:55 PM 18 Sep 12

A bit more explanation of the situation here.

  nissanalmera 17:27 PM 18 Sep 12

Thanks for prompt response. Yes I am talking about currently connected internet access with the bars.I see my own wireless connection by name and underneath sometimes two or three other connections.If I can see them, can they see me and try to connect?

  mgmcc 08:59 AM 19 Sep 12

You will always see all of the Available Wireless Networks in the area and others will see yours, but if it it is encrypted with WEP/WPA/WPA2, then only those with the encryption key (network password) can connect to it.

  nissanalmera 15:30 PM 19 Sep 12

Thank you mgmcc,You have given me piece of mind.I did not like seeing these others which could be neighbours.


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