Home network puzzle. Ghost gateway & Wii problems.

  trell 17:09 22 Sep 07

Well, the question seems simple enough, but the answer has been stumping me.

I have 2 Netgear D834G wireless routers. One is my internet modem/router hub, configured with its own IP address ( - From this, I have 2 PCs downstairs and the upstairs Netgear all attatched to this modem directly. The upstairs Netgear is attatched to 2 more upstairs PCs, and all the PCs have an internal IP address 30.20.0.xx. -Pretty simple home network layout for 4 PCs - 2 up, 2 down.

Now, the upstairs Netgear DID have a static IP set address (, but I decided to tinker with the wireless settings on it in order to connect a Wii.

Now, it was bad enough that I couldn't get the Wii connected to the internet for any longer than 20 seconds, but I didn't know what I was doing wrong on the upstairs router. So out of frustration & a sense of 'give it a clean sweep', I decided to reboot to factory settings.

Trouble is now, I don't know what IP address my router has switched to. I've tried the usual,, and of course, its old set IP address, but they are not working. But the upstairs router is still doing its job, and connecting the upstairs PCs to the network and the internet.

First thing I did was to try the usual home router IP addresses (, etc.). Nothing. The I tried to log into the downstairs router to see if I could locate the upstairs router's new IP address. No joy. - My assumption was that seeing that it still runs the 2 upstairs PCs and that their IP addresses have not changed, that the upstairs router had been reassigned a new automatic IP address in the range between, right? Well, theoretically, but in practice, if they had, nothing is showing...!

I've tried a few 'Network Discovery' programs, and they don't really help either. They can find the router, the 2 downstairs PCs, and the 2 upstairs PCs, but they cannot locate the IP address of the upstairs router at all.

Any ideas?

  Technotiger 20:13 22 Sep 07

Run SIW click here then look under Network in left-hand column to find your IP addresses.

  Technotiger 22:19 22 Sep 07

Any luck with SIW?

  trell 23:40 23 Sep 07

Hi technotiger.

Nope. I tried SIW. It found the MAC codes & IP addresses of any PC that was switched on when I ran the test. It also found the MAC & IP of the router downstairs.

The upstairs router was not picked up by SIW. I'm pretty sure, because I have the upstairs router's MAC address written down, and if it cropped up, I would have been able to spot it.

Still, SIW seems a pretty good tool, but in this case, didn't solve my dilemma.

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