home network problems?

  dfghjkl 22:02 14 Jun 05

hello all,i have 3 pc,s running off a Zyxel router,mine and two others for my kids,i have ntl 2meg broadband.the problem is that it is slower than if i just connect the modem to my pc,now i realise that my speed will be reduced if all pc,s are online,the trouble is mine is still slower even if the other 2 are turned off.i have it set up like this.the cable comes into the modem then that go,s to the router then the 3 pc,s connect to the router. my pc has a second lan socket (gigabit)can i connect the modem to my pc then connect the second lan to the router?if i do this will i have to have my pc on?or can i not do it at all?any help please.thanks,peter.

  dfghjkl 20:46 15 Jun 05


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  briggzy 21:15 16 Jun 05

please post the model of the router.

  dfghjkl 22:22 16 Jun 05

thanks for the reply,it is a zyxel prestige 334 dsl/cable security sharing router.and i have ntl cable 2meg bb.thanks again,peter.

  briggzy 21:02 17 Jun 05

Hi, there appears to be an issue regarding this problem which is fixed in firmware version 3.60 (jj.4)b1, the firmware can be downloaded from zyxel's support pages with instructions for uploading to the router, you can connect the pc's as suggested though you would need a hub instead of the router, you would have to configure internet connection sharing and your main pc would have to be on for the others to access the net, your pc would be doing the same job as the router, it would be best to try getting the router to work correctly though as this one includes a good firewall,content filtering and trend micro security services etc, (have you tried the speed with the firewall etc turned off?),check the routers current firmware version which should be on the underside of the case near the serial n.o or possibly displayed somewhere in the web configurator screens, good luck.

  dfghjkl 00:00 24 Jun 05

thanks i will give it a go.

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