Home network - additional access point

  daveward10 14:31 06 Sep 09

I have a wireless adsl modem router (Netgear DG834G v2) in my lounge that I wireless connect my laptop to for internet access.
I also have 1 PC and 1 server in my office which is separate from the house (by about 2 metres).

Ideally I would like a switch in the office which the office machines could wired connect to, whilst having that switch wirelessly (gigabit) connecting to the router in the lounge.

Please could someone help me with what equipment I need/should have in order to make this work.


  mgmcc 20:12 06 Sep 09

What you need is a "Wireless Network Bridge", which will let you connect your "wired" network in the office to the Wireless Router in the house - something like this Netgear model click here which incorporates Print Server and 4-Port Network Switch.

Avoid the Belkin "Gaming Adapter / Wireless Network Bridge", which *APPEARS* to do what you want, but it only incorporates a single ethernet port and even with a separate Network Switch plugged in, only supports the allocation of a single IP address by DHCP from the Router. It is my understanding that allocating fixed IP addresses to multiple computers attached to it still doesn't work.

  daveward10 21:30 06 Sep 09

Thanks for this information and suggestion. Any ideas for a gigabit wireless N equivalent?

  mgmcc 08:32 07 Sep 09

This is an 802.11n Network Bridge with 4-Port Gigabit switch click here

  daveward10 08:51 07 Sep 09

many thanks for your help

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