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  Mixson 15:48 10 Jun 07

I have several short films which I recorded on my Kodak C433 and have saved them to my Acer laptop. I have tried to save them to disc using NTI CD and DVD Maker 7 with no look.
Advice please.

  Quiet Life 15:59 10 Jun 07

Have you tried importing them into Windows Movie Maker. It is a pretty good at doing most video editing jobs. I find it quicker and easier to use than Pinnacle although it has not got the same advanced features

  anchor 16:08 10 Jun 07

If they are originally in AVI format, you can import them to Windows Movie Maker; edit if necessary, then save it as "best quality".

If you wish to burn to DVD, then the free DVD Flick, will do it all:

click here

Don`t expect super results, as the Kodak C433 only records at 13fps.

  eedcam 22:38 10 Jun 07

If you use wmm save as DV-avi (There is no better quality) then burn using nero or video dvd maker Free

  Mixson 17:20 11 Jun 07

I have tried Windows Media player but every time I try to import my movie file it says it can't as it is the wrong type of file.

  eedcam 18:15 11 Jun 07

Windows moviemaker Mixson Not media player

  skidzy 18:21 11 Jun 07

if not on your pc already:
Windows Moviemaker click here

  Mixson 18:31 11 Jun 07

I meant Movie player

  Mixson 18:32 11 Jun 07

Movieplayer, sorry long day!

  skidzy 18:39 11 Jun 07

im getting confused now,can you verify you have Windows Movie Maker 2.1 installed.

This would normally come with an sp2 update.

If it is installed click here

  eedcam 19:03 11 Jun 07

And me

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