Home Entertainment Set-up

  Dellman 10:37 12 Apr 05

I'm trying to sort out my dad's home-entertainment set-up. He has the following equipment:

Thomson Video Recorder (PAL/SECAM/NTSC)
Pace Satelite Receiver (to receive European TV feeds)
Pace Digital TV Receiver (Freeview)
Panasonic DVD Recorder/Player

Basically, he is having difficulty in setting up so that timer recording can be undertaken by either Video or DVD, from any of the signal sources (inc. analogue TV).

None of the instruction manuals cover the above set-up scenario.

Anyone got any suggestions as to how we should arrange the connections or where to go for further advice.

  Yoda Knight 11:04 12 Apr 05

are you Scarting them ?

  Dellman 11:49 12 Apr 05

Yes, he will be using Scart plug/sockets.

  Yoda Knight 11:53 12 Apr 05

I would think that you would need to setup using fly leads so that each input device can be assigned to a seperate channel number on the recording device. You could then set up the recording timer to what ever channel you require.

I dont think it can be done via scart only (but of course I could be wrong...)

  Dellman 12:09 12 Apr 05

Fly leads? Is that composite video leads?

What would the set up look like?

  Yoda Knight 12:26 12 Apr 05

fly leads are normal RF leads (you can probably still use the scart leads for viewing)

I would say you need a combiner (the inverse of a splitter) between the two recievers (giving a Y shape connection), connecting to the dvdrw, then the vcr (or vice-versa as you prefer), and then the TV. Your terrestrial aerial could plug into either of the decoders.

(All of this presumes different frequencies on the 2 decoders)

I suppose a scart setup is possible, but it would involve swapping connections depending on which recording device you are wanting to use.

As I said though, I might be wrong

  Dellman 12:44 12 Apr 05

RF=coaxial lead? What do you mean by different frequencies for the decoders?

  Yoda Knight 12:51 12 Apr 05

rf=coaxial, yes.
If your decoders are using the same frequency, you will run into problems as you cant have both sending their signal at the same wave length on the same cable. You'd either get nothing, a mess, the signal from the 1st device you turned on or the strongest device.

Usualy there is a way to change the frequency, but you'd have to consult the manual/manufacturers for how to do that.

You might be better having say, your dvd records from the Euro decoder and your vcr recording from the freeview and the terrestrial aerial. You can always change the format latter by re-recording onto the required device

  Dellman 13:16 12 Apr 05

Cheers Yoda...............I'll let you know how we get on.

Meanwhile, if anyone has any more information, it will be most welcome.

  medicine hat 14:08 12 Apr 05

My Panasonic DVD recorder has Freeview connected to its AV1 and Sky connected to its AV2 via scart leads. I then choose which to record thru the timer. Video has been binned.

  Yoda Knight 14:11 12 Apr 05

I would have kept the vcr - then you could have (theoretically) recorded 2 progs and watched a 3rd.

If you need to watch that much TV then I think there might be a problem though... ;)

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