Hola Expats!

  drab 08:09 03 Jan 03
  drab 08:09 03 Jan 03

There must be thousands us of out here,with different problems to uk users{suppliers,etc)Maybe if we all say hello this superb site will let us have a little fotum to ourselves? steve in spain.

  drab 08:11 03 Jan 03

Sorry,not quite sure what a fotum is s.

  drab 08:26 03 Jan 03

Have looker up fotum,and it means to encourage or assist.Maybe i used the right word after all.

  golfpro 09:16 03 Jan 03

A big yes to your sugestion, I find I am having to buy more and more bits from UK suppliers at vastly inflated prices because dealers outside of the UK can only supply items in their own language, yes you can order some English software, but at a price higher than their own equivalent. This forum page is brilliant, but because of the software language difference, some of the questions can not be delt with by UK forum subscribers, not all but a lot. Then again your in Spain and I'm in Austria!!!!! back to square one.

"fotum - it means to encourage or assist"

In which language?? Oxford Concise does not recognise it at all!

  tschweitzer 09:50 03 Jan 03

fotum = forum

a forum in a local language like spanish

  drab 15:02 03 Jan 03

I got fotum from google

  vinnyT 15:13 03 Jan 03

"I got fotum from google"

See your dr. he/she will give you some cream to rub on it:-)

  brianthesnail 15:14 03 Jan 03

It's not in my Google. Plenty of entries but all googldegook.

  drab 15:16 03 Jan 03

Try using spanish google

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