Jimpad 21:18 24 Aug 06

l bought this HOHER MP3 player in Paris France an it has harly worked right since l got it, l think it needs new Firmware it knocks itself of then a starting message comes on the screen it then says press key on and then promply switchs itself of l cant find any help online in English l tryed fixing it using Win XP but it worked for a week an now Win Media player dose not recognize it any ideas apart from throwing it from a speeding Train

  Jackcoms 21:21 24 Aug 06

"l bought this HOHER MP3 player in Paris France"

"l cant find any help online in English"

Are you surprised?

"apart from throwing it from a speeding Train"

You seem to have answred your own question

  Jackcoms 21:23 24 Aug 06

There's a good speeding train called the Eurostar, which runs from England to France.

That might be the most appropriate train.

  VoG II 21:25 24 Aug 06

The perils of purchasing abroad... I only buy fags and booze.

  Jimpad 21:26 24 Aug 06

l didnt buy it thinking theirs not a hope of this working right for a full month, but l relise my first idea might have been the best

  Jackcoms 21:28 24 Aug 06

Green tick?

  Jimpad 21:50 24 Aug 06

Green tick ?not a hope it cost 30 yo yos l just hate to waste money unless it involves me getting wasted

  DrScott 23:17 24 Aug 06

the updated firmware from their website?

Perhaps you should try to find some Francophiles in the forum who maybe able to help you!

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