Ho do i do this ??

  gazmix 17:04 22 Apr 07

Ok, so i have had limited success with this bluetooth dongle. Each time i try & send, it says failed! I don't know what else to do! They are paired, they recognise each other, but nothing!

Has anyone heard of "Wellphone software". My phone manual says that this smust be on my pc before transfering objects! I thought it would be straightforward like with 2 phones!

Now, i've resorted to emailing the images to my pc from my phone.
This is successfull.
But, how do i get them back onto my phone. My phone doesn't have an email address does it! The images are in Outlook express!
They are there with a big Vodafone heading at the top!

I'm needing to do this as my phone is being repaired this week & it will be wiped clean!

Any help appreciated


  howard64 18:01 22 Apr 07

I have heard of a site that will send text messages from your pc to a mobile phone but cannot remember its name. If I find it I will come back.

  Diversion 18:33 22 Apr 07

If link doesn't help you, click here I would suggest starting a new thread named "Bluetooth Problems" or something along those lines, I think you may get a better response to your problem.

  Stuartli 18:38 22 Apr 07

You are probably thinking of the O2 website (originally Genie).

  Stuartli 18:39 22 Apr 07
  Stuartli 18:40 22 Apr 07

>>I'm needing to do this as my phone is being repaired this week & it will be wiped clean!

Didn't you take the SIM card out?

  gazmix 19:48 22 Apr 07

Yeh, i take the SIM card out, but when they repair it, they doa software upgrade that wipes all ringtones, pics, calendar stuff off phone etc!

I was wondering if it was a problem sending pics to a phone from pc!

I used to use O2, but it don't seem to work anymore, don't now why!

  gazmix 21:21 23 Apr 07

Anyone, how can i send pics from my pc to my phone!!!

  Woolwell 21:48 23 Apr 07


If I am correct you have had several threads running on basically the same subject.

Depending on your mobile you can transfer pictures, tones, MP3 to and from your PC using cable or bluetooth. I use cable and I use the software which works with my phone. It is not like pairing 2 mobiles together. Your manual states you need Wellphone. See click here

Your bluetooth dongle could well have come with software for transfer of data but I seem to remember that you bought it on e-bay.

Wish you luck with the transfer.

  gazmix 18:07 25 Apr 07

I bought it on ebuyer & nothing in the installation of the dongle says i need Wellphone!
Does everyone that uses phone to pc bluetooth transfer, need software other than the disk that accompanys the dongle?


  gazmix 18:14 25 Apr 07

Also the link i get & the i go to the homepage, i go to 'more info' & i get 2 options. Download Microsoft Net framework 2.0.
Is this what i need & does it run on Mozilla firefox.?
Should i be able to transfer when this is downloaded!


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