HMMM !!!

  ned3110 17:07 16 Jun 08


My hard drive is making some repetative noises and keeps clicking. I'm thinking this is a bad thing?

I also keep getting errors at start up saying that hard disk failure etc, I'm thinking this is bad too yeah?

Sometimes it will boot up but its not long before it stops working again.

Fortunately I have been a good boy and backed all my data up online and on an old pc that I use as a file server so I'm not to worried.

Is there a way of determining that the drive is actually dead or could it have a a virus?

  SB23 17:15 16 Jun 08

Go to the manufacturers site and download any tools that there may be to help you diagnose your HD.

How old is the drive?

  ned3110 17:25 16 Jun 08

About three years old.

It all started to happen after I was looking at some gentleman's website. Not sure if this was a coincidence or not.

  crosstrainer 17:25 16 Jun 08

It's dying, backup and buy a new drive before it fails completly.

  woodchip 17:48 16 Jun 08

Run Check disc first as that costs zilch

  ned3110 18:00 16 Jun 08

Tried to run chkdsk from the recovery console but it said that it could not detect a hard disk, so I'm thinking its dead!!

What ya reckon?? ;0)

  MAT ALAN 18:04 16 Jun 08

I can only confirm crosstrainers suspicions that your HDD is dying...

  woodchip 18:06 16 Jun 08

So you are saying you cannot now get into windows!

if you need more proof click here

  ned3110 18:33 16 Jun 08

Thanks for the input adman2 but if the pc cant detect a hard disk how can I download a utility thats gonna test its health?

No Windows nothing, cant even get the recovery console working!!

  lotvic 19:00 16 Jun 08

take it out of pc.
give it a shake or good tap, if it is just sticking then that may release it.

Try it again in pc, you might be lucky, it sounds as though it has died though and even if you get it working again you wouldn't be able to trust it.

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