Hit and Miss of IE7 !!

  spuds 11:49 06 Jul 08

Not sure whether this is an help question, or a shoulder to cry on.

Is it just me, or have you found that Internet Explorer 7 can become extremely irritating at times.

One day it seems to run smoothly, and the next (for no apparent reason) it can be very annoying in the least, with crashes (usually at the wrong times) slowness etc etc.

I also use Firefox on a daily basis, which I find very stable. Don't get me wrong, IE7 can be sweet, if and when it works right.

Any suggestions for improvements!.

  JanetO 12:00 06 Jul 08

I agree totally. Now I only use firefox.

  provider 2 12:14 06 Jul 08

Worth a try, anyway:

click here

  spuds 13:14 06 Jul 08

provider 2, very link. Got so far with the automatic troubleshooting, but as the error is not present at the moment, I have had to temporary halt the check. Will keep the link for 'next time' reference.

  spuds 13:15 06 Jul 08

Whoops. 'very link'= 'very good link'.

  provider 2 15:22 06 Jul 08

It does seem to be quite useful, doesn`t it? Based on fixes to previously-encountered problems, I think (and there are plenty of them), but a bit time-consuming to work through.

I hope you get it fixed, though.

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