History Kill - equivalent

  badgermansix 08:32 07 Feb 10

Is there a freebie, shareware etc. that does the same as, or nearly the same as "History Kill" please?


  birdface 09:38 07 Feb 10

No idea if it is any good or up to date as I have never tried it.

click here

  VoG II 09:40 07 Feb 10

Possibly CleanUp! click here

  Input Overload 09:48 07 Feb 10

CCleaner does the job well, it's free & updated regularly - click here

  badgermansix 17:33 08 Feb 10

Thank you all, I'll have a look and come back.

  GaT7 17:45 08 Feb 10

I'm sure one of the above will do, but here's another free one - Privacy Guardian, which you can get for free from click here. Get a free serial code via the author's website at click here. G

  woodchip 18:12 08 Feb 10

I use CleanUp and it works

  badgermansix 07:56 10 Feb 10

I should have asked earlier..

How can I check, when trying these progs, in the first instance, if stuff has been removed,like logs, cookies, etc?

thanks again

  badgermansix 22:55 17 Feb 10


  Input Overload 09:48 18 Feb 10

CCleaner does a good job of removing what it says. However Windows does keep some junk in strange places, & delving into Windows/Users/Documents can cause more harm than good unless you know exactly what you are doing.

Using CCleaner & Privacy Guardian from crossbow's post should leave your PC quite clean.
I've never had any problems with the registry cleaner on CCleaner but thoughts on registry cleaners are somewhat divided. If you really want a squeaky clean PC format & reinstall, although files can still be retrieved before the format using the right software.

  badgermansix 07:15 21 Mar 10

Sorry for the long delay in answering.
I am now using CCleaner and Privacy Guardian.

Thank you very much.

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