His "Supernet" seems to have lost his outward post

  Diemmess 19:47 30 Sep 03

A friend Alan,(lives some distance from me) and uses Email very little, seems curently to be able to receive but not send any messages. They are lisred as sent but do not arrive....

I posted a similar story about another friend on BtOpenworld when he could see a list of incoming email but not find it to read it.... This forum solved his problem by addressing [email protected] openworld. Using this address acted like a purgative and made the normal method behave again.

I have no idea what supernet looks like. Can anyone please identify the promblem and help Alan, who runs Win98SE?

The problem came to light when he tried to send a word attachment in reply to a similar bundle from me. Another source of his said that with an antivirus nuisance so widespread many ISPs will not accept unzipped attachments, so today he acquired Winzip..... and I still haven't received anything from him. Frankly, I don't think an attachment or not makes any difference to his present trouble, and I have had simple email from him in the past.

  MjM Hellfire 20:30 30 Sep 03

I thought SUPERNET was a collection of Network id's transformed into a single entity...

  john-232317 20:40 30 Sep 03

Just did a search on google to try and help, but got more confused supernet in Talahasse, karachi, spain, plus loads more.

MjM Hellfire, maybe right.

  Diemmess 21:12 30 Sep 03

MjM Hellfire and dadyassa - from what you suggest is it possible he could try [email protected]? like the other friend succeeded with BtOpenworld?
-assuming that such an address exists!

  Diemmess 21:19 30 Sep 03

As I posted the last, I received the missing email and its attachment. At this stage it has taken 5hrs to come 5 miles, but that is not unknown with some emails. ...... When next we meet I will try and understand what he did/didn't do but thanks to you both for discussing the problem.

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