Hijacked Email

  RegScriv 21:38 13 May 13

Is there any way of cleaning or removing the hijacker from a hijacked email address that will enable continued use of that email address. Or is the only solution to cancel that email address and take out another one. This would be a real problem for someone who runs a business

  Woolwell 22:30 13 May 13

Changing the password to a difficult one normally gets rid of a hijacker. But ones that purport (spoof) to come from an email address but are from somewhere else, usually a spammer, are more difficult. I have found the Hotmail, yahoo and to a much lesser extent gmail are prone to hijacks. I have 6 email addresses and have not found my domain one (similar to a business) to have been hijacked and have only had a small problem with a gmail one which was quickly sorted by a password change. I have not had any problems with the other but I am careful where I post email addresses. For surveys, etc it is useful to have a throwaway one.

  Taff™ 00:44 14 May 13

I have had 4 BT/Yahoo accounts (Clients, Not mine) hacked within the last 24 hours.

  onthelimit1 08:56 14 May 13

Likewise - see this thread. Problems is, sometimes the facility to reset the password is blocked requiring a call to BT.

  RegScriv 09:35 14 May 13

Ok guys, thanks for your feedback. Changing the password is worth a try.


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