Hijacked e-mail address

  Arriach 13:25 16 Jun 06

Everyday I recieve about thirty returned e-mails which I haven´t sent.Most of them are returned from Russia to my address.
Have I any other option than to change my e-mail address (which would be a real pain in the neck)?
I´d be grateful for any advice.

  Jackcoms 13:44 16 Jun 06

Happens all the time I'm afraid.

You can at least filter them out at your ISP's server by using Mailwasher (they are, effectively, spam) click here

There are different schools of thought in this Forum as to whether you should use Mailwasher to simply 'blacklist' or bounce this rubbish.

I'm of the bounce school of thought.

Now watch out for the 'never bounce' brigade jumping down my throat! ;-))

  mattyc_92 13:47 16 Jun 06

You shouldn't bounce e-mails.... blah, blah, blah (sorry, couldn't resist :-))

Arriach, You should change your password, secret question, etc.. to help prevent someone gaining access to the account again ;-)

  Graham ® 13:53 16 Jun 06

The problem may originate in one or more of your contacts' machines. A virus is exploiting all the addresses it finds.

  Woolwell 14:00 16 Jun 06

Tried everything to get rid of this problem with no affect. The only solution seems to be to change your e-mail address which for me was not possible as it is part of my username with my ISP and I would have had to change ISP.
After about 2 months it is dying out (or at least I hope so). I set as many filters as possible to reduce the nuisance to a minimum.

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