Hijacked ???

  rdh660 20:41 18 Jul 08

A week or two ago my Kaspersky Internet Security allerted me to a trojan being detected which appeared from the reports to have originated on a gaming site which I had not visitedor even heard of. Kaspersky said that the threat was neutralised. However my PC began browsing now and then to sites which had not been requested and were often of a dubious nature. Also my PC would suddenly begin unexpectedly downloading ( what I do not know as I switched off each time).

I did a complete scan with fully up to date Kaspersky security which once more declared all clear and no threats detected. All seemed to settle down until today once again my PC loaded websites of it,s own accord and of a dubious nature even though again a Kaspersky scan delared no threats. Should I reinstall windows and start from scratch or should I try other means of solving the problem before taking such drastic action. Thanks for any advice.

  rdave13 20:45 18 Jul 08

Try running you security suit in safe mode.

  rdave13 20:47 18 Jul 08

Safe mode; click here .
Sone motherboards use F5 though.

  Technotiger 20:48 18 Jul 08

You could try doing a System Restore back to before this first began, but go off-line before trying the System Restore.

  rdh660 20:49 18 Jul 08

Thanks for the fasr reply rdave. Will doing this enable kaspersky to remove the problem or simply enable it to dtect a problem it couldn't in normal mode?

  rdh660 20:52 18 Jul 08

I tried system restore but computer reported that it was not able to restore to that time. I am running XP by the way.

  rdave13 20:53 18 Jul 08

In safe mode only the basics will run so will give your security program more of a chance of deleting the trojan.

  rdh660 20:57 18 Jul 08

Thanks rdave I will give it a try. The difficulty with this is that Kaspersky reckons it has neutralised it now so I won't really know the result until I run the computer for a while after the scan in safe mode to see if the symptoms re occur or not.

  rdave13 21:01 18 Jul 08

If your system restore is not working then suggest you stop sys restore first, then reboot to safe mode, run kapersky and delete what it finds. Reboot to normal and see if it has gone. Reinstate sys. restore.

  rdh660 21:03 18 Jul 08

Will give it a go now so I will be offline for a while. Thanks for all the help. Will report results later.

  rdave13 21:07 18 Jul 08

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