Highjacked browser??

  wotbus@ 15:25 05 Sep 08

WinXP and Firefox.
A few minutes ago I logged onto a site and followed a link to a movie (mad Sunday on IoM actually :-).
Ummm, since then, every time I launch my browser up comes WMP with this playback again!!!
I have run CC and cleared the browser and rebooted but still it happens.
Although quite good I am a bit tired of it now :-( so how do I get rid of it?

  User-1229748 15:40 05 Sep 08

click here this first

  User-1229748 15:43 05 Sep 08

if that doesn't do it tryclick here

  wotbus@ 15:56 05 Sep 08

Hi. You reckon it's malware then?
OK, I'll run some "anti's" and see what happens.

  User-1229748 16:09 05 Sep 08

could be but i use vista so if they don't sort it for you post back and someone with more knowledge will advise you :-)

  wotbus@ 16:13 05 Sep 08

It's getting better!!!
I ran a "quick" scan of A² which found a tracking cookie (myname)@windowsmedia.txt.
Thinking that was it I deleted it.
Fired up FF and instead of my home page I was directed instantly to here, PCA Helproom!! Duh..
I think it may be a browser problem linking me to "last site visited" or something.
At least I am not dragging me knees on the carpet tiles anymore as I lean my office chair left/right...
What makes you think it's dark, pouring with rain and I am getting a bit bored...

firefox>tools>options>main tab>when firefox starts>check if set to show my windows and tabs from last time.

  User-1229748 16:20 05 Sep 08

i don't use ff either but someone will advise you in due course

  User-1229748 16:22 05 Sep 08

see they even advised you before i said it,too quick for me raven :-)

  wotbus@ 17:39 05 Sep 08

Thanks *Raven*, that was it. Changed back to Show my Home Page.
How do these things get altered then as I didn't set it to "Show my Windows/Tabs" from last time?

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