High spce Gaming PC poor performance

  JAEGERBOMBER1234 19:38 19 Feb 14

Hi, firstly i should mention i am new to Pc's so dont know a lot but will provide as much info as i can. I have just bought a gaming PC with the following specs; AMD 6600k quad core processor (3.9Ghz) AMD HD8570D graphics 16GB RAM (1600Mhz) 1TB Hard drive

The problem i have is the PC seems to play games very slowly (about 20FPS) on medium and high settings. The games i have used so far are Arma 2 (with all the expansions including DayZ), Euro truck simulator 2, War thunder and 7 days to die. I was given the latest drivers with the PC and even downloaded them off the AMD website to make sure it was up to date. I have also tried altering settings in the AMD catalyst control center and in game but still no luck. I should also mention i went into the BIOS and the screen was very glitchy and became even worse with each option i clicked, until it froze. i hope someone has some ideas what could be wrong and could help me out, thanks!

  mart7 21:00 19 Feb 14

The graphics crad is not up to the job its very low spec

click here

  mart7 21:05 19 Feb 14

The graphics are integrated with the processor,it meets minimum requirements for the games you list

  bumpkin 21:07 19 Feb 14

your d is upside down.

  JAEGERBOMBER1234 21:10 19 Feb 14

Thanks for the response. A friend of mine told me it should be up to scratch but having a quick look on some reviews i can see there are definately better options. Thanks again!

  JAEGERBOMBER1234 21:36 19 Feb 14

Do you think that an Nvidia GeForce GTX 650Ti 2GB GDDR5 would be sufficient for most modern games?

  mart7 21:47 19 Feb 14

Yes or the gtx 660 2gb

  mart7 21:48 19 Feb 14

Thank you Bumpkin

  Woolwell 22:08 19 Feb 14

What PSU do you have? You need to be sure that it can cope with a better card.

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