high pitched whistle

  anncon 19:16 30 Nov 07

Please can anyone suggest the cause of the most annoying whistle my Sony Vaio has begun making whem I go on line?

  anncon 19:19 30 Nov 07

I should have mentioned that the computer is a PC and is 3 years old. This problem has arisen since going on broadband and only occurs when I am using the internet. Ann

  MAJ 19:22 30 Nov 07

Can you still hear the sound if you mute the speakers? Is it a laptop?

  johnnyrocker 19:51 30 Nov 07



  woodchip 20:02 30 Nov 07

Are you using a Cathode Ray Monitor?

  Coffee Adict 20:08 30 Nov 07

Nope sorry don't know that one can you whistle it?

Erm... on a more serious note (sorry no pun indended) could it be an alarm from firewall or virus checker. Avast goes off like a police siren but perhaps others are more subtle.

  woodchip 20:17 30 Nov 07

If as above it is a Crt Monitor some do that. It High voltage sound. 35.000 volts type

  Coffee Adict 20:23 30 Nov 07

But why only when on line? Couldn't be router/modem too near computer, or a phone thats also attached.

  anncon 20:26 30 Nov 07

Thanks MAJ yes I can hear it noe even though I have muted the speakers, It is a desktop

JOHNNYROCKER - sorry "filters" doesnt mean anything to me!

Woodchip - have recently changed my moniyer to a flat screen but it was whistling before I changed as well

Coffee Addict - me too! I only use Norton anti virus plus the firewall that comes with my broadband supplier(orange)

  anncon 20:30 30 Nov 07

it could be the router too nearm coffee addict - It does seem to be a lot worse since I changed the situ of my computer, and the router is much nearer the computer now and the whistle has got worse. I'll move things round and see if there is an improvement. thanks - will let you know later..

  MAJ 20:33 30 Nov 07

johnnyrocker was asking if you have ADSL filters plugged into all your phone sockets, anncon.

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