High pitched noise from new lcd tv speakers

  2drewej 20:52 13 Jan 09

hi, bought a 32" lg 7000 tv a while ago, and since ive had it every now and again while watching tv i get a high pitch noise coming from the speakers, quiet, but noticable when there is low sound.

its weird because it comes and goes depending on whats happening on the screen, in one scene for example there is no noise but, as soon as it cuts to another shot its back again!... and on some programs there is no high pitched noise at all!!

its connected to a digihome freeview PVR, (non HD) - wondering if that could be something to do with it??

there is no noise while watching dvd's and when i 'mute' the sound...


  Grey Goo 21:05 13 Jan 09

Could it be an earthing problem with your house wiring.

  2drewej 21:31 13 Jan 09

That's an interesting point because I noticed with our old tv When iswitch a light on in the same room, the tv will pause for split second... However the new one seems ok so far, and it's now connected to a surge protector.

However I don't see how the noise could be associated with the grounding??


  2drewej 21:32 13 Jan 09

Sorry earthing..

  Graham. 23:34 13 Jan 09

It could be feedback. Speakers can also act as microphones, so try reducing the sound volume to see if this is a factor.

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