high-end/low-end computers what is meant

  knownix 11:57 02 Nov 05

hi I have just started IT course online high-end,low-end and medium-end computers have being mentioned,Iam unsure of what is being refered to.can anybody give me more details.

  Jackcoms 13:04 02 Nov 05

High end = with ALL the bells and whistles (lots of RAM, high speed processor, etc) and rinky-dinky software (hence expensive!).

Low end = not as much RAM, slower processor, not as much software (hence cheaper end of the market).

Medium end = (surprise, surprise) somewhere in the middle.

  knownix 13:22 02 Nov 05

top call very many thanks

  wee eddie 13:43 02 Nov 05

High End = Drool drool!

Low End = Wouldn't touch it with a barge pole.

Medium End - This is a myth = Might be able to get one with a wee loan!

  ened 15:23 02 Nov 05

Today's 'High End' is tomorrows 'Low End'

  knownix 15:30 06 Nov 05

so basicly have low hope for high-end.

  Jdoki 10:38 11 Nov 05

It can be tough to define each level as you would normally use price as a rule of thumb - but in reality what defines the various levels is the components used. Machines such as Small Form Factor and Media Center PC's blur these lines, as these often give you little more than Mid Range components in an ultra quiet snazzy looking small case, and charge you High end prices.

Best bet is go to the DELL website and have a look - they cover the entire range of low to high end.

As a very rough guide:

High end is £2000 upwards

Mid range is £750-£1000ish

Low end is £300ish

  knownix 09:11 15 Nov 05

woo the help is great thank you for such clear responses very helpfull.

  knownix 09:41 15 Nov 05

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