High CPU usage with MS Silverlight?

  Chillie 12:09 21 Aug 09

When away from home and using Sky Player I find that the CPU usage is exceedingly high whether using Firefox (V 3013) or IE7. Not all the time, but it appears without any reason. I have tried to pinpoint the problem using Process Explorer, but no success as yet. Maybe something in the Hosts File?

Did a search on PCA and found the excellent advice given by Fruit Bat /\0/\ in this discussion click here. This does give some improvement. Many thanks, FB!

To avoid upsetting anyone: I pay for the following: UK Licence fee, the top subscription to Sky, subscription to Eurosport Player and for a dedicated VPN.

My problem seems to be only with Sky Player as using the Eurosport player or viewing BBC News or Sport do not stall the video.

Can anyone help?

Many thanks


  birdface 12:35 21 Aug 09

[High CPU usage with MS Silverlight]

If it is not needed remove it .Why Microsoft try to push this program on to all users I do not know.

  Chillie 13:02 21 Aug 09

Oh, I wish. But it is a Sky Player requirement!

Forgot to mention in my original post. The laptop is a Dell Inspiron 5160 running XP(SP3), 2.80 gigahertz Intel Mobile Pentium 4, with 1280 MB memory. May upgrade to full 2 MB.


  birdface 10:00 22 Aug 09

Sorry but I can't help with your problem.Just got fed up with Microsoft wanting me to download it so I made sure it would not download.
Not sure if you have Driver max downloaded but I had to switch that off as I found that it was using 100% of the cpu in small bursts,Also if you have AVG downloaded the resident Shield takes up a lot of the CPU as well.
But looking at what you already have I would imagine that you would be using better security programs.
it could be your security programs updating or Microsoft looking for updates if you have it set to automatically download.I always run my updates manually with Microsoft.
Anyhow i am sure someone will be able to give you the advice that you need.Sorry that i am unable to help.Best of luck.

  Chillie 16:34 22 Aug 09

Sky has made Silverlight an integral part of their Player. My humble advice is don't install it unless you need it desperately!

I shall take a close look at my hosts file and see what I can do.

I shall mark this as resolved.

Once again, many thanks for trying to help


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