High CPU Time

  Mytob 18:08 08 Feb 06

My pc is still running slow. The cpu time is going through the roof for very low system usage programs. i have defraged av scanned run cleaner error checked spyware and adware scanned and removed all unesisary programs from startup but it is still acting up. low requirment games such as guildwars just go through the roof on cpu time and hd access during genral play even on the lowes grafics setting and i more than cover the system requirements. acceped it is a online game but i have not had these problems when i first got it. it seems to have been a progressive slowdown over the last few months of usage of the pc generaly. i have reinstalled windows several times but has had no effect either on system performance. what could cause a progressive slowdown. is it a hardware issue. the pc is only about 3-4 years old so seems unliky as iv got a 486 still going after all this time! All ideas and suggestions are apreciated!!!!!!!!

  Mytob 22:14 10 Feb 06


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