civicr 02 Apr 12

Hi all , What is the best way to connect a hifi amp to my pc . I have a technics sa gx 130 . Win7 pc with onboard sound card . Will I be better off buying a separate sound card . I have it connected through the phono input but sometimes sound seems muffled , i have to mess with the base and trebble but sound is not quite right using windows media player . Thanks, civicr

  QuizMan 02 Apr 12

I have an amp attached to my PC. It is just a case of a two plug phono lead from AUX on the hifi to a single 3.5 jack going into the LINE IN on the soundcard. Works a treat.

EG like this phono lead

  civicr 03 Apr 12

Hi, My amp does not have an aux socket.

  Number six 03 Apr 12

The phono input on your amp is intended for use with a record deck fitted with a magnetic cartridge. Quite severe bass boost and treble cut will be applied to this signal - this is why it sounds muffled. You must use any input except phono.

  Batch 04 Apr 12

Firstly I assume you are trying to playback from your PC through your hifi system. Given that, then:

Number six is right. The phono input (for use with a record deck cartridge) expects a very low level input and the output from your PC will overload it (hence the muffled sound). Also the phono input on an amp will expect a somewhat differently structured audio signal (due to certain limitations of vinyl playback) which the pre-amp inside your hifi restructures (or "normalizes") before feeding it into the main amp.

You should connect the Line Out of the PC to one of the other inputs on your amp (e.g. Video, Aux, CD, Tape In, Line In). These by-pass the pre-amp in your hifi and go straight to the main amp and which expects a stronger signal that is already "normal" in its structure)

Failing that if you have a headphone socket on the PC, you could try connecting that up (again to Video, Aux, CD, Tape In, Line In).


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