Hiding unwanted details in Win 7 searches

  morters 08 Nov 12

When I do a search for anything using Windows 7, I get vast amounts of stuff/files I don’t want/need to see, cluttering up the search results so that I really can’t see the wood for the trees. Is there a way to not display these? They are usually very small and include the following: .ASPX Cascading Style Sheet Document File Graphics Interchange Format Image JPG file JPEG Image Jscript Script File JSON File JSP File Loaded_0 File LST File Portable Network Graphics Image Shockwave Flash Object XML Document

I download hundreds of recipes and since the search find not only words in title, say ‘honey-roast ham’ but also any other files containing the word ‘honey’. Have searched various display options but have failed to resolve it.

  morters 08 Nov 12

Sorry, typed out all those file types in Word with a new line for each and then cut and pasted here but it's all run together , hope it's still clear what I'm saying, even without commas!

  mgmcc 08 Nov 12

I find Search Everything to be much better than the Windows search facility. You can type in a file name and it displays it almost instantaneously.

  morters 08 Nov 12

Thanks,mgmcc. What exactly does it display as results?

  morters 08 Nov 12

Sorry, mgmcc, should've read the link!

  morters 08 Nov 12

Thanks again, mgmcc, that's much more like it! Though I still can't help wondering if there isn't a way to sort this wiothout having to download an extra bit of software!

  Woolwell 08 Nov 12

You can narrow the search eg if you put "honey-roast jam" in quotes in the search box it should narrow the search to just that. You can also use Boolean filters Read ehow.

If you expand the search in the window that opens you can select a preview pane, if you select details you can order them in file types and apply date filters.

  morters 08 Nov 12

Thanks, Woowell, apologies for delay replying - lunch downstairs! Tried the quotes search but still got a load of unwanted stuff.Will read and digest the ehow articles. Thanks again.


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