Hiding IP Address

  webber_man 20:39 24 Aug 04

Does anyone know how to hide your true IP address when surfing....or of any software that does it for you?

  Gaz 25 20:41 24 Aug 04

There is no true way... since a webserver has got to find its way back to your IP. Think of it like a postal address.

However... you can limit your privacy by using anonymizer.com software or using a free open proxy.

Finaly. Why would you need to hide your IP. Its much better just to have a good firewall, its no security risk having a public IP. ;-)

  end 01:20 25 Aug 04

but ones ISP address "code" changes every so often doesnt it ??
If I want to do VNC"ing I have to check my computer to find my "latest" address to "send" to my "partner", it does not stay static..at least that is what I understood.

an what is a "free open proxy"please..

  Smegs 11:01 25 Aug 04

We've had BB for about 18mths now, and our IP address has never changed. I think it only changes when you are on dial up.

As for the "Open Proxy", it's where you leave a port open, I think.

  Gaz 25 01:28 30 Aug 04

Proxy server to hide your computers identity: click here

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