hiding the HTML source code in internet explorer

  tree2 10:18 18 Apr 03

how do i hide the sourse code in internet explorer without having to download anything

  beastieboy 10:41 18 Apr 03

What do you mean by this - if you are viewing a web page then there is no real way to hide the source...

Can you explain what is it you want a bit more.... or it might just be me!


when you click on "view" and then you cannot click on source or if you do click on it there is nothing there

  « Ravin » 11:01 18 Apr 03

not sure if this is of any help but have a look click here

ok i will look on that site cheers

  MAJ 11:21 18 Apr 03

I just love Suggestion 9, « Ravin ». :-)

that site is wierd i do not understand it and why does it say to format you harddrive and stupid things which will muck up the computer

  MAJ 11:32 18 Apr 03

It's a joke, http: //www. freewebs.com/tycoonsoftware, basically it's saying it can't be done.

ok how do i get a little padlock in the secure bit of my screen i need that is there any suggestions

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