Hidden Photos

  bloodnock 20 Jun 12


I have Several folders of Jpeg photographs stored on my hard drive and backed up to an External hard drive, these are in Files comtaining approx 40 photos each and have a Capacity of around 400Mb each.

My problem is that I can only see one Photo Normally and the rest are Hidden or can be partially seen. I know these folders are there as I have moved them to a newly renamed folder, How can I access these Ghost photos normally?

I recently suffered a Virus that damned nearly wiped clean my hard drive, though I think what it really did was hide certain Folders and files and rendered them nearly invisible...I had to trawl through my back up drive to find 90% of the stuff i lost, but I still cant Save some of these ghost Images than Im trying to copy and paste in a new folder.

Any Ideas?

Im on Windows Vista, All my Photos are JPG or JPEG...normally easile located.

  Nontek 20 Jun 12

Run this Direct Download (Digital Image Recovery), make a New Folder on your Desktop and select this folder as the destination for the recovered pics.

As well as recovering your pics it will also 'pick up' any little icon pics, as found in any program on your pc, so you will probably get many you don't want, these can easily be deleted afterwards.


You can cancel the process at any time, pics recovered up to that point will still be in your created folder.

You can even open that folder during the process to see your pics etc appearing.

  onthelimit1 20 Jun 12

If you suffer a similar fate in the future, I've found unhide .exe to be a useful tool. Bleeping computer guide is here As an aside, I also like to use Picasa as it shows all pics on the computer without endlessly searching through different locations on the drive.


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