hidden files..what are they?

  lindyphil14 19:01 08 Feb 03

i did a scan check on my puter and it told me i had over 2 million hidden files!!!!! what r they and do i need to delete them?

thank u

  Stuartli 19:20 08 Feb 03

You'd better have a look here(!):

click here


click here


click here

on possible removal if needed.

  Spencus 20:03 08 Feb 03

after reading the links provided by Stuartli it makes you wonder what is hidden on a hdd

  Border View 23:27 08 Feb 03

I really do take exception to the first link in Stuartli suggested sites.

  woodchip 23:31 08 Feb 03

Hidden files are usually system files that should not be deleted, that's why they are hidden in the first place from the normal Computer user

  woodchip 23:33 08 Feb 03

PS they may also be read only attributes

  Spencus 04:45 09 Feb 03

I suggest you have a read, theres more than just system files being hidden........so much for the data protection act!!

  lindyphil14 21:41 11 Feb 03

thank u all for helping me with my enquiry

  spikeychris 22:06 11 Feb 03

Been doing research into this for two years and I've read a lot of Mr Riddlers and Mr Rippers work. It does shock when you first read it but you will get over it as its your computer and no ones realy interested.

What scan have you used to detect these files?

  Pumas 22:21 11 Feb 03

Why would microsoft want to know what I do with my computer?

Why should I care if they do?

  Stuartli 00:16 12 Feb 03

It's a very well known website but just happened to be the first I found among a number of potential sources.

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