Hibernation in Win XP

I accidentally put my computer into Hibernation mode.What is the quickest way to wake it up again withot rebooting.

  mgmcc 19:55 25 May 10

Pressing the power button should bring it out of hibernation without rebooting.

  Sea Urchin 20:53 25 May 10

Or you can wiggle your mouse

click here

  Batch 12:49 26 May 10

If your PC is hibernating (rather than in standby), it is powered off. So you must press the power-on button (as if to boot). However, when a PC goes in to Hibernate mode it logs this on the hard disc and writes the memory contents to the hibernate file (e.g. hiberfil.sys). When your PC goes to boot, the hibernate status is detected and the memory information is reloaded from the hibernate file rather than booting from scratch.

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