Hibernating message - should it appear Vista / 7

  bussand 10:25 20 Jun 09

Hi. XP always showed the hibernating message when it was hibernating. However, I have found my new Laptop (HP550) shows only a black, blank screen when hibernating. This is the same for Vista or Windows 7RC. Should this be the case? The laptop does hibernate and the Resuming message appears OK, it's just the actual hibernation that shows nothing. Thanks.

  mgmcc 12:40 20 Jun 09

Displaying only a blank screen does seem to be the case when "hibernating" in both Vista and Windows 7RC.

  woodchip 16:57 20 Jun 09

When does the message pop up? As I use a HP Laptop and just close the lid no messages for sleap or hibernate. It must be that you just leave the computer switched on for some time and it goes to auto shut down. but mine does that without any of the above, the LCD just turns off and the start button starts flashing.

  woodchip 16:57 20 Jun 09

sleep not sleap

  bussand 20:19 20 Jun 09

Thanks mgmcc. It obviously is something "new" in Vista / 7.

Woodchip, in XP the message pops up when you initiate the hibernation command - whether through the shut down dialogue box or pressing an appropriately configured key on the machine. If that was a laptop and you close the screen, you probably wouldn't see what I've referred too.

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