Hi there, my name is Christian

  worrell.christian 04 Sep 12

I was looking for a place to introduce myself, and I am having a hard time finding one, but I did want ti tell everyone hello! My name is CHristian, and it is very nice to meet all of you. Hopefully the mods wont mind too much putting this where it is supposed to be! :)

  Nontek 04 Sep 12

Hi Christian and Welcome ....

However, this is a Helproom Forum for people having problems with their computers etc, if you just want to take part in meaningful, and sometimes not very meaningful, discussions you should make your introduction in Speakers Corner where any subject under the Sun can be discussed.

Just a note - never give out your email address or any personal contact details on any of these Forums!

Also I suggest you have a read of the Forum Rules, just click on the Blue link between 'My Posts and Contact Forum Editor' above.

  Nontek 05 Sep 12

Hmm, maybe a wind-up - no response! 

  morddwyd 05 Sep 12

I'll add, just so that Christian gets another e-mail to jog him a little!

  Nontek 05 Sep 12


Cheers, maybe he's asleep!

  finerty 07 Sep 12

Leave the old man alone hes done a great intro but probably should of used Speakers corner

  Nontek 07 Sep 12


Speakers Corner, yes as I said in my initial response.

I don't know whether he is old or young, but feel he should have posted a further note of some sort, if only out of courtesy!

  rickf 07 Sep 12

This is such a wind up. Some of us have a btter way to spend our time.

  northumbria61 11 Sep 12

Nontek - well you did say However, this is a Helproom Forum for people having problems with their computers etc

He obviously hasn't got any problems - well not with his computer anyway.


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