Hi Jacked Homepage by www.runescape

  nobbyhall 12:45 23 Jul 06

I am not happy that this site has Hijacked my homepage settings. I have tried to reset via internet options but it just defaults back.
I have run ad aware Spybot cw shredder but its not doing the trick.
Can somebody help with A STEP BY STEP guide. Cheers

  ZZ Top 13:14 23 Jul 06

Try this site for some advice on how to regain your homepage. I'm sure there is something in windows security, or Spybot that will prevent this happening again, but I can't remember exactly where! click here

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:15 23 Jul 06

Runescape is not a virus / malware its an online role playing game, so need to worry.

You may have a antispy program that is sopping the change to the homepage. (SpywareBlaster is an example).

I think Spybot also prevents homepage changes (don,t currently have it on my system)so check the settings in that program.

  De Marcus™ 13:26 23 Jul 06

Zonealarm and norton and will do this as well

click here

  skidzy 13:43 23 Jul 06

In my household Runescape is played every day for around 18 months and has never caused a problem.

Is it possible you ticked a box to make Runescape your default homepage ? Alternatively the suggestions above will sort this problem im sure.

  bruno 19:19 23 Jul 06

As stated above,my grandchildren use this site all the time on my PC and it has never caused a problem.

  skidzy 20:05 23 Jul 06

nobbyhall you have ticked resolved,could you please post your solution as this may help others in the future.


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