Hi any one recommend a conductive glue.

  Ex plorer 15:01 21 Feb 07

Hi any one recommend a conductive glue.
Job in hand is for the CMOS battery that was secured by some method of been pinched on to the + and - side of the battery.

  dazwm 16:00 21 Feb 07
  Meshuga 16:03 21 Feb 07

Only manufacturer I know is click here and its sold in 10cc syringes at £61.80 each. Which makes it totally uneconomical. I just thought I would tell you to show what you might be up against in buying any. It`s because the glue is mixed with pure silver particles for conductivity. Sorry can`t be of more practical help.

  Meshuga 16:08 21 Feb 07

The material from Maplin in dazwm post above is conductive paint for use in repairing heated windscreen circuits where they crack. It is not glue.

  Technotiger 16:14 21 Feb 07

click here

But not really economical for one small job.

  Ex plorer 16:53 21 Feb 07

Hi yes its to dear for the one off job I have just found a plastic clip-in CMOS battry holder I will see if I can solder this to the MOBO thanks for your help.

  woodchip 17:05 21 Feb 07

Can you make a Clip to put it in, And wired to the connections on the board. A old Mobo Battery holder may do

  woodchip 17:07 21 Feb 07

When you get old you learn how to do Lash-up’s

  Stuartli 17:12 21 Feb 07

When you get old you need more than a battery to keep you going...:-)

  Weskit 18:37 21 Feb 07

Watch out for static soldering to the mobo with a mains iron.

  Ex plorer 00:54 22 Feb 07

Well its in now a bit wobbly not unlike myself at times.
Thanks all for tips and advice.

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