HGV MAN 17 May 11

I have an Epson PX650 printer which is ok at the moment but I have heard that after a lot of cleaning of the heads the ink tank gets fill and stops the printer from working.Is it possible to empty the tank and start printing again Thanks for any info

  wee eddie 17 May 11

This can take a very long time, so few people ever really get there.

However these folk may be able to help Fix your own Printer

  Strawballs 17 May 11

I've had a few Epsons over the years and have never got to that stage with them.

Also a title explaining the problem might get more responces than just your forum name.

  Terry Brown 18 May 11

With a lot of printers, when you turn them off, they run through a print cycle on restarting to ensure the heads are ready. This is a good idea, however it wastes a lot of ink (which is money).

If you are goint to use your printer daily then leave it on, it should automaticly go into econony mode however if you are going to use very occasionly (i.e. Once a week) you may be better turning it on when you need it.


  HGV MAN 19 May 11

Thanks for the info lets hope I don't need to repair it for a while Graham.

  Colonel Graham 26 May 11

Eh? Did someone call?

  woodchip 27 May 11

If there is a Plate at the back of the Printer near the Print Head End take it out and look for a waste pipe inside the hole, this can be extended to go into a external container then use the SSC tool to reset the printer so that it works again

link text

Reset and Tank Read down at the bottom of the page link text link text

  woodchip 27 May 11

Only last Like works for the Reset tool


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