heres one for you

  leeknight67 20:48 12 Nov 05

i got a darts game for my pc. it works on my laptop but wont work on my pc.when i go to playit it says please insert cd. i know it reads the cd fine because i can click on the cd drive and open the game up from there. my pc is a p4 400hmz win 98 which meets the specs of the game any ideas

  woodchip 20:51 12 Nov 05

It looks like penny in lot sindrom

  leeknight67 20:54 12 Nov 05

what do you mean?

  Carbonara 20:55 12 Nov 05

I was thinking the same, lol!

  Stuartli 21:08 12 Nov 05

I gather what was being said was Penny in the Slot syndrome - i.e. the system may not be up to it.

  leeknight67 21:13 12 Nov 05

is there anyway arounf this. it not as if the game is high in graphics or anything like that. i downloaded the tril version and that works fine. but thats expired. so the system is up for it.

  wotbus@ 21:15 12 Nov 05

I think what he means is the CD auto runs from his laptop but be can only run it manually from his Destop! That right leeknight67 ?

  leeknight67 21:18 12 Nov 05

nither does auto run

  woodchip 22:21 12 Nov 05

If it runs with CD in it's like at the fair you have to put a penny in the slot before you press the leaver

  woodchip 22:22 12 Nov 05

In other words, it's decided that's the only way it's going to start

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