helproom files take an eternity to load

  holly polly 19:12 12 Feb 04

hi this is the first time in three days that i have been able to access the helproom ,page half loads and then just sits there log in is super fast so is my postings ,just the helproom ,as any one will know i am a regular postee ,and i have noticed an alarming /frustrating catalouge of times when either you cannot get in or the sites down ,must add no noticeable problems with other sites only PCA -whats going on?-regards-hol pol....

  leo49 19:14 12 Feb 04

Sorry.must be a problem local to you/your ISP - the site's very fast today with threads snapping open.

  woodchip 19:21 12 Feb 04

You are not on your own

  woodchip 19:22 12 Feb 04

PS I thought Win was getting ready for surgery

Been a few threads regarding slow down. I've switched from AOL to Opera browser, problem solved. Try it and report back, please.

  R4 19:48 12 Feb 04

Goes like greased lightning today for me

  johnnyrocker 19:53 12 Feb 04

wouldn't exactly say that but tis pretty good;)


  Cesar 11:09 13 Feb 04

I have had the same trouble for over a week now, this morning it took over a minute to Load a Help Page, I tried IE but that was just as bad, You can open a thread a bit quicker by right clicking on a thread and clicking on "Open in a New Window" (thanks to tog") but loading a new page takes forever, I use XP Home and AOL.

  Diemmess 11:40 13 Feb 04

Depressing isn't it?

I posted a thread on the same lines yesterday and it seems to have more to do with this site than anything else. Still worth the wait, and for me a fraction better this morning.

  holly polly 18:01 13 Feb 04

do not know what the problem is but aol links will not work page stalls and times out ie no problem fine, looks increasingly like an aol problem though it is only noticable on the pca site as i havent noticed when surfing around ,will give the boffs at aol a bell and post back ,by the way trialing the beta 9 browser and first iompressions are quite nice -hol pol....

Did you try with Opera?

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