Helpful scan - maybe?

  johndrew 11 May 11

MS sent me an e-mail with a link to their Microsoft Security Scanner. It is free standing and, although a bit long winded, may be of help to any who believe they may be infected.

Have a look - it's free link text

  daz60 11 May 11

Why would Micro$oft send you an e-mail(??)and a link to a site.? Sounds fishy to me.Methinks a scam.???

  rawprawn 11 May 11

Scam? Not if you know johndrew

  onthelimit1 11 May 11

daz - I don't think so. If you go to the MS site, the scanner is there.

  Nontek 12 May 11

link text

I share Daz60's doubts, - scroll down to last article in the link, unless johndrew has subscribed to the Microsoft service.

  onthelimit1 12 May 11

Hmm, see what byou mean. The email could be dodgy, but the site seems genuine.

  johndrew 12 May 11

Both the e-mail - I do subscribe to MS Security - and the product are genuine, so for those with concerns be assured.

  bjh 12 May 11

'Tis Microsoft.

'Tisn't a scam.

However, it is a big download, and I'm not sure it will add much to the AV world. It can be downloaded on one machine, and run off a CD on another. I believe it doesn't have any install, so should help machines that are pretty gummed up.

I suspect it will use the same AV engine & database as Microsoft Security Essentials.

  daz60 12 May 11

I had no idea you could subscribe to M$,so i apologise to johndrew. It has been shown to often, how a scam could work.I tend to err on the sceptical side.


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