Help~Connecting different PC's to my Modem Router.

  Big Big C 18:12 20 Feb 08

I have recently purchased a Philips CKA5720 Wireless Modem Router Starter Kit. I have it connected to my P4 PC (Win XP) via ethernet cable, and to my daughter's laptop PC (Vista) via her built in wireless capability.
All pretty much bog standard I would think?
What I would now like to do is to connect my old P3 PC (Win 98SE) downstairs to the internet also.
Is this possible? Bearing in mind the three different ages of the PC's and also the three different operating systems that they each run?
I wanted to ask for advice before spending lots of time laying cables etc.

Any help would be much appreciated.

  brundle 20:40 20 Feb 08

Yes no problem. Pick up a network interface card from Maplin for a fiver if the PC doesn't already have an ethernet interface, plug your cables in, job done. Computer vintage and OS are no issue, there are a couple of things to check if you want to try a wireless connection with the 98 machine though.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:12 20 Feb 08

If its downstairs away from the router and you cannot connect by cable then just fit a wireless card (make sure it comes with 98 drivers) or a USB wireless dongle.

  Big Big C 10:48 23 Feb 08

Many thanks to both of you for your replys. The starter kit included a USB adapter which I have now tried to get working, but with no luck - is there an idiots guide somewhere that could point me in the right direction. I'm probably missing something somewhere, probably in the settings on the P3!


  kidsis 15:36 23 Feb 08

?possible that the usb adapter didn't have the driver for the old pc bundled with it.

  Snaul 11:17 24 Feb 08

It's quite likely that your 3year old PC didn't have the drivers for your USB dongle.
It should have come with an install CD though.
Before connecting any USB device you should install the CD that comes with the device (but the instructions will likely make this pretty clear).

A 3 year old PC might have v1.1 USB sockets, where as your device will almost certainly be v2.0.
There shouldn't be any problem with the different levels, I only point it out because 1.1 is considerably slow than 2.0. It will be plenty fast enough for standard Internet browsing though.

Does your PC auto detect the USB device when you plug it in?
Assuming it does, there will be some configuring to do ... SSID (the network name you've chosen for you WiFi network) along with any encryption you've set.

The default is generally for WiFi networks to broadcast their SSID, so, assuming the the PC has the correct drivers for your USB device, the software that came with it (or the built in Windows WiFi management software) should be able to see your SSID (it will be displayed in a list of SSID's somewhere, with all the other WiFi networks nearby --- if any).
If you see your network in this list, it's reasonable to assume that Windows is recognising your USB device and has appropriate drivers loaded for it.
If you cant connect to your SSID, the chances are the security between the PC's isn't set correctly, in that you either arent using the same security protocol (WPA.. WEP).

I have waffled on a little so I appologise if this reply has become unreadable!

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