help with windows 7 key

  colinlisa 29 Mar 13

hi all I am trying to reinstall windows on a laptop but the key is worn out so I cant make all of it out please could someone take a look at the pic I have uploaded I have blanked out the readable parts many thanks in advance

enter link description here

  colinlisa 29 Mar 13
  colinlisa 29 Mar 13

im not paying for recovery media when i have a valid key just need some help reading it

  Chronos the 2nd 29 Mar 13

Have you reinstalled Windows 7 without making sure you had the the number before hand. If not then use this. SIW. scroll down for the old free edition. Click on Licenses / Passwords / secrets to find the windows product key.

  colinlisa 29 Mar 13

i thought of that but like an idiot i reistalled then checked the key no it needs activating lol

  difarn 29 Mar 13

Has your product key been typed in before for activation or was it pre-installed. If it has been typed in before then you may be able to find it via Belarc.

  Chronos the 2nd 29 Mar 13

I have had a go.

First. 23

Second. 33

Third. CP


Fifth. JXXHJ

But it really does not matter if it does not work, it never does on mine when I do an reinstall and I know the number. It will ask you if you want to activate via phone, so pick UK and follow the instructions. Sorted.

  onthelimit1 29 Mar 13

'im not paying for recovery media'

It's not something you need to pay for. The laptop should have prompted you to burn recovery media when you first turned it on. If you didn't, then the phone option is your best bet.

  onthelimit1 29 Mar 13

P.S. - Why on earth do the manufacturers not put the sticker inside the battery compartment?!

  lotvic 30 Mar 13

"i reistalled then checked the key"

Please can you explain how you reinstalled?

Note for general info: The factory pre-activated product key (no key is asked for when using recovery media) cannot be used for install from an ordinary DVD where you are required to type in the key. (it won't work) The key you get on the sticker is a different key and usually requires phone activation.

If you have not wiped the files you may be able to do a 'back to factory restore' from partition on harddrive.

  rdave13 30 Mar 13

lotvic , no need to type the key in when installing win 7. It activates 30 days trial only but lets you install.


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