iccle_lynz 01:21 20 Nov 05

Im a newbie to this so please bear with me....

I created a site for my family's business and had hosting and webmail by with our chosen domain name.

Everything has been fine for 8 months then this week, bam, our website has disappeared as well as fastband. I have tried emailing and calling but I get no reply and the phone clicks off (Mmm not a good sign).

As Fastband have presumabley gone down the loo...I'm now wondering if we still own our domain name or if I need to find a way of 'buying' it again before finding a new web host...can anyone help? My family need the website bad as it's on all their advertisments....eeek!

  Red Devil 11:27 20 Nov 05

I take it that you registered your domain name via Fastband?

As I understand it, that doesn't mean that Fastband "own" it and that you will have not have "lost" the domain name.

Whoever you registered it via would have registered it via Nominet if you had a .uk TLD who deal with .uk domains or ICANN if you had a .com TLD or other TLD's like this - but you should still be the registrant.

You should still be the one who the domain is registered to and there's a way you can confirm this.

Do a WHOIS search click here on your domain and it should report back that you ARE the registrant.

What you may need to do to get your site - and business - back online as I'm sure that's what you would like is to transfer your domain to another registrar.

Active Domain provide a service where you can make them your registrar click here.

It'll cost you to do this - and I would imagine it would cost at any other company that would do this for you - but at least you'll be able to administer your domain again.

Then you can arrange another hosting package and set up your domain to access your site via your new host and you'll be back up and online again.

Hope I've helped in some way.

  iccle_lynz 17:10 20 Nov 05

Cheers Guys, you are both superstars,

I have just checked our name on WHOIS and it's still registered to us. Looks like Fastband have fell fast off the face of the earth...but thanks to you both Im not flapping anymore...:)

Just one more thing...could you recommend a decent webhost who also provides webmail? I would rather go on a recommendation rather than a search engine!

Again THANK U!

  Forum Editor 17:47 20 Nov 05

will provide webmail services. My own personal favourite in the hosting field at the moment is Heart Internet

click here

I have found them to be a thoroughly professional company, and one which provides just about every facility you could ever want.

On the subject of your domain name, when you have decided on a host, make sure that you contact Nominet UK - preferably by telephone on:

01865 332244

and explain the situation. You'll find them extremely helpful, and they'll talk you through the steps you need to take to get the name retagged to your new host without the necessity of trying to contact anyone at Fastband.

  matto 06:51 21 Nov 05

to add to the useful comments above, I'd recommend 1&1 as a webhost - they do some reasonable entry level deals, you can use their website builder for free, send out HTML newsletters and they have a webmail feature too.

just a poiint of reference, I saw your website by looking at Google's cache - try to add some meta tags to the site to help search engines find the site.

good luck with the business - we are building a ton of timber cabanas at our resort in Belize, it's all good!




for when the grey skies get too much, there's always click here

for dynamic websites and super support, there's always click here

  EASUPER 15:22 23 Nov 05


I have my site hosted with fastband, it hasn't gone offline although their own site has. Is your site still offline? I'm not sure if they have gone to the wall or in the process of being taken over by another provider.

Regards C

  iccle_lynz 15:33 23 Nov 05

Hi All

I really don't know what is going on now...the site is back up but no webmail, so I am still changing the hosting anyway...I have had too many problems with them in the past now...and if they are getting taken over a little communication would have went a long way!

Thank you for all your support, you have all been fab!

Matto - cheers for telling me about the meta tags..


Editor - thanks for the host suggestion...


  michaelk 13:39 03 Jan 06

My web domain is down too and both it and my hosting were with Fastband. To make matters worse, they even debited my account on 13th Dec (a year after I bought the package) even though I had not authorised an automatic renewal like that.

I'm appealing for people who have been affected to share as much information as possible. I'm interested in some one who said that the fastband site was down then up then down as this might indicate the possibility that it'll all come right again. Last year, there was an outage around new year as well which, I assume, was due to the owner not bothering to do keep the server on over the holidays..

Here's all the info I've got so far for anyone who's been affected. I'm in Belfast which is not so far away from the registered address so I might be paying them a call ;-)

Anyone else who can contribute to the info-pool on Fastband, including when the domains when down and any times when they've reappeared, please keep this thread posted.



  Huwbob 09:32 11 Jan 06
  Oisin Dubh 22:11 02 Feb 06

Blue Planet (ex Fastband). I sympathise wih alll the above, I used Fastband since 2004 they were fair and reasonable, and then started to put business to Blue Planet (the business side). I have found Blueplanetwebhosting hard to contact and hard to understand. The system falls down regularly with no apologies or reasons given.
The web admin although very informative is diabolical to use.
The webmail was ok but horrendously slow.
Why have I moved my personal site elsewhere? 3/2/06 the site went down, it was impossible to find any support to suggest they were alive and well. Tracking them on who is suggested their ensim licence was nearing renewal date (58 days) and all i got was an ensim licence request.
I host 2 sites 1 personal and 1 business - I will be recommending to the business they look at changing sites soon as well.
Sad because I feel Blueplanetwebhosting are well meaning and aren't fly by nights. Still if the service is weak then the plug will be pulled.
Oh just to put the finishing touches to this - once back up there was nowhere to convey my displeasure or resignatiopn from its service, other than a form on the front of their web page for sales!!!
Their phone contacts are down as tbc (whatever that means)

  Steve5455 17:35 17 Nov 06

I've been being charged too despite no service or contact from Fastband. A man called Brendon Goode (tel: 01934811605) appears to have some history with fastband, and has taken my details to look in to getting my money back. By the sound of it the company doesn't exist any more.

I got his details by doing a whois on

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