help with webcams please!

  agent 47 13:23 15 Oct 06

i am thinking of getting a webcam for security purposes, and i was wandering if i needed a webcam that has motion detedtors built in? or if a standard webcam will do?
also which software is best and is there a free software thats good enough? also i am thinking of going on holliday and if i get the webcam setup, while im away, do i need to keep the pc switched on?
thanks, agenthank!

  Technotiger 14:36 15 Oct 06

Hi, I think this is what you need ... comes complete with all software.

click here


  GEEKSTA 14:50 15 Oct 06

shouldn't you just be better of with secrity cameras??

  Totally-braindead 15:02 15 Oct 06

I've never actually owned a webcam so its not something I know a great deal about but I can answer one of your questions at least. Yes you would need to have the PC on. For one thing the webcam gets its power from the USB socket on the PC so it needs to be on for that and for another if you expected the webcam to record anything, which is what I presume you wish to do, it would have to have the computer actually on both to run the software and also to record to the hard drive.
It might be easy or it might be differcult I really don't know because as I said I've never had one but regarding motion detectors. If it didn't have one it would be recording 24 hours a day 7 days a week and you would soon run out of hard drive space. Plus I suppose if you wanted to look at it on your return you would have to spend hours looking through all the video to find anything.

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